Author: Simon

MTB Carbon UDH Frame: The Future of Mountain Biking

mtb carbon udh frame: The Future of mountain biking mountain biking is an extreme sport that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Naturally, it has gone through many changes over the years from advancements in bike technology to advancements in gear and apparel. Among the most impressive innovations that have hit the market in […]

Carbon Fiber MTB Frame: A Revolution in Biking

carbon fiber mtb frame: A Revolution in Biking The mountain bike, or MTB, is arguably the most iconic and popular type of bicycle. Over the past few decades, the technology utilized to manufacture these bikes has evolved drastically, resulting in lighter frames, more durable components, and superior performance. While steel and aluminum have long been […]

Wheel vs Rim: Understanding the Core Differences and Similarities

When discussing the components of a car, the conversation quickly shifts to wheels and rims. But what exactly is the difference between them? It may not be immediately apparent since the two are so closely related and often referred to as the same thing. They both have an important role in vehicle functioning and often […]